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Holistic Approach to Transformation

Our programs work together to holistically serve the needs of children and the communities in which they live.


At the heart of our sponsorship programs for children, education, or communities, the foundation always comes back to stopping for the one. One life truly loved. One life connected to the Father. One life transformed.



Each child living in an Iris Center is no longer an orphan, but a son or daughter adopted by Papa God and by our Iris family. Partner with us today!

We provide:
• Food
• Housing
• Care
• Spiritual discipleship


Milk Program

Our Milk Programs provide life-saving milk, nutrition support, and education to both baby and mother for a healthier future. We help mothers who are either too sick or too malnourished to produce milk as well as newborn babies who have lost their mothers and are now cared for by other family members.



Education equips and empowers people of all ages to break the cycle of poverty and bring transformation to their lives and communities. Our schools provide both children and young adults with access to:
• Christ-centered education
• Medical care
• Spiritual discipleship

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Through education and partnership, we work with our local churches to implement strategies specific to each community's needs, including:
• Implementing after-school programs
• Starting farms
• Introducing microfinance
• Creating a preschool
• Raising chickens

 Where We Work

Our teams work in over 15 countries worldwide.


 Stories From the Field

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One Person Can Make a Difference

Making a difference starts and ends with us. We can make a change in the life of an individual child and collectively change a village and a nation. Your tangible investment in a child, a classroom, or community will have lasting impact.