Love looks like something

Stop for the One was birthed in Rolland and Heidi Baker's hearts years ago. When God gave Heidi a vision of millions of faces in need of the love of God, she was undone. But the only way to stop for millions is one by one. To do this we must stop for God, the One who is the One and then one in front of us each day. If we each stopped for someone, millions would be reached by the practical love of God everyday. This movement of laid down lovers is growing. Our desire is to follow Jesus with everything we are. Because of this we share the simple gospel of love in the darkest places, with '...the least of these...' 

Although we have been on this journey for years, Iris Global officially began the 'Stop for the One' program beginning of 2009. Our initial goal was to create a sponsorship program, paving a way for others to be a part of this vision. We hope to care for one million children who have been stuck in a cycle of poverty. Since then Stop for the One has grown into to a movement, connecting like-minded people around the world.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
— Matthew 5:3

Stop for the One Core Values

We must first stop for God before we can stop for the one in front of us.
When we are full of God’s love and presence we are able to pour His love onto others. 

Love expresses itself in action.
Love is not just words or intention; it is compassion expressed in action. God has called us to carry His compassion and love by being His hands and feet. 

We believe that love looks like family.
Each child that comes to live with us is no longer an orphan, but a brother or sister, a son or daughter adopted by Papa God.

Every person is a unique creation with a dream and a destiny .
We constantly encourage our children to dream with God about their destinies and dreams from a place of knowing their identity in Christ.

We long for every person to find, know, and live life in relationship with Jesus. 
At the core of everything we do is discipleship. We believe that people need to be discipled to grow spiritually throughout their life.

We take a holistic and whole life approach towards serving the children and communities we are supporting.
We care for the whole person, spirit, soul, and body. We also want to meet needs throughout their whole lives.

We develop projects that break the cycle of poverty.
When communities thrive, children thrive. We believe a key to poverty alleviation is found in recognizing and activating the gifts and abilities of the community to restore hope and bring transformation.