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Invest in the education of our children

We provide education opportunities to disadvantaged children and young adults. We believe every child and young adult should have the chance to go to a school free of corruption, but instead filled with the love of Jesus. Our desire is to educate and equip the next generation of leaders through Christian education to become all they are meant to be. 



There are very few educational opportunities in most areas where we are involved. Many areas do not even have high schools making continuing education impossible. When there is opportunity for education, most cannot afford it. Children who are able to attend school often experience a corrupt system. Some students pay bribes to graduate or pass tests. Many children drop out of school because they have to take care of a younger family member or work to help their families.


We offer a safe educational environment to all our students. Our schools are available for a minimal fee. We provide early childhood through higher education. The Iris Scholarship fund provides financial aid to university students. We also offer extracurricular activities in sports, music, arts, community events, English language, and vocational training. 

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Primary & Secondary School Education
  • Iris Scholarship Fund



1: Choose

Choose a student, classroom, or school you would like to sponsor. 

2: Unite

Your gift is combined with others sponsoring the same individual, classroom, or school.


3: Empower

Educational sponsorship is used to build classrooms, pay teachers, buy desks, school supplies, uniforms, food, access to medical care, and much more.


4: Follow

Receive updates on how your student, classroom, or school is doing and the progress being made. 

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1 in 11

Primary Age CHILDREN are out of school worldwide



66 m

Primary Age children attend class hungry worlwide

Educating One Million Children Starts With ONE

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