Meet Daniel!

Daniel lives in the small village of Cariaco and went to primary school there for grades 1-7. His father wanted him to go to a commercial trade school to study to become an accountant, but that wasn’t what Daniel wanted. He started at Iris school in 2012 and loves having additional English language training that cannot be found elsewhere. He also says he finds taking time to talk with God during the assemblies at church to be important to him. 

He says the Iris school is different because the leaders immediately address problems in the school and are concerned about the students. Daniel says the other school are corrupt and many students are now coming to the Iris school because it is a place free of corruption. 

Daniel hopes to be able to continue his education and become a doctor. He is very smart and always receives high marks on his exams. His family would never be able to afford university and he would have to live in a larger city, incurring even more costs. This dream seems impossible and completely unattainable to him. Yet his teachers at Iris and his family are encouraging him to dream and do his best in all things to achieve his goals. He is learning to trust God for his future. Daniel says, “God can do it for me, with Him nothing is impossible!’ We love Daniel’s faith. We too have seen His wonders.

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