The 5 Core Values of Iris Global

“Revival is about the Reviver – nothing more and nothing less."

- Rolland Baker, Co-founder of Iris Global 

Stop for the One is the child sponsorship program for Iris Global. 

Iris is first and foremost about sharing the good news of Jesus and His love. We are not a faith-based humanitarian charity, rather we are missions movement committed to a tangible expression of love, and our call, in particular, is to serve the destitute, the lost, broken, and the forgotten.

Share Love


We understand that we can find God, and can experience intimacy, communication and companionship with Him in His Presence, if we share His love for righteousness.



We are totally dependent on Him for everything, and we need and expect miracles of all kinds to sustain us and confirm the Gospel in our ministry.



We look for revival among the broken, humble and lowly, and start at the bottom with ministry to the poor. God chooses the weak and despised things of the world to shame the proud, demonstrating His own strength and wisdom. Our direction is lower still.



We understand the value of suffering in the Christian life. Learning to love requires willingness to suffer for the sake of righteousness. Discipline and testing make saints out of us, and produce in us holiness, without which we will not see God’s face and share His glory. With Paul we rejoice in our weaknesses, for when we are weak we are strong.



The joy of the Lord is not optional and far outweighs our suffering! In Jesus it becomes our motivation, reward and spiritual weapon. In His Presence is fullness of joy, and with Paul we testify that in all our troubles our joy knows no bounds (2 Cor. 7:4). It is our strength and energy, without which we die.

To learn more about the Core Values, check out Rolland Baker’s book, Keeping the Fire.