The Agape Kids Club

Five days a week our Iris Pemba Center fills with children from our community who come for the Agape Kids Club in the Centro de Esperana de Communidade, the Hope Community Center. Each day our doors are open for anywhere from 250 to 500 kids, ranging from 3-14 years old. Any child in the surrounding community wishing to have a plate of rice and beans, and hear the Good News is welcome. By providing our village children with a meal, we alleviate some of the burden for families struggling to provide for their children. We never want a child to be separated from their family simply because their caregivers cannot afford to feed them. Our goal is to support families in caring for their children! 


Our teams, full of the love of God, look to bring love, joy, and peace to hurting hearts through our Community outreach. However, as we reach out to the spiritually poor we are confronted by their physical poverty as well and it would be an incomplete Gospel if we didn’t stop and put our faith into action. Community sponsorships provide programs and resources to meet the unique needs of children to alleviate poverty and bring sustainable transformation. 



Many of our Community Programs focus on supporting families. Healthy families create healthy children! For the children who are in our full-time care, we are always working toward family restoration when possible. One of our main goals within our Community Programs is to lend strength to families so at-risk children are able to stay in their families and grow up healthy and strong!