Iris Uganda Milk Program

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Our Milk Programs provide life-saving milk, nutrition support, and education to both baby and mother for a healthier future.

We are excited to announce our Iris Uganda Center has joined our Milk Program! The Iris Uganda Center works closely with a local Ugandan organization, The Happy Times Home, to provide milk for babies in need. The Happy Times Home was started by an extraordinary probation officer, Joice, who saw a great need in her community. Joice is a shining star and an incredible child advocate! Joice assisted our Iris Uganda Center in starting their children’s home and has been on their side from day one. Our team told her they would help her in any way they could and one of the ways they do this is by providing baby formula for the little ones in her care.

These babies are unique because unlike the other babies in our Milk Program, they are not cared for by family members rather they are a part of the Happy Times Home. Many of these children went through horrific experiences and were abandoned. Thankfully, we know their past does not define their future! The Happy Times Children’s Home has 92 kids of all ages and 25 are babies and toddlers. The Happy Times Home does not receive any form of foreign aid and they trust God and the community to help them. They have incredible faith and it is an honor for us to partner with this exception ministry by providing formula for their little ones so they can grow healthy and strong.

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