Iris Guinea Village Feeding Program

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Written by: Sia Tongu, Center Director of Iris Guinea

Once a week, our Iris Guinea Center feeds over 200 children in their local community! Many of these children are orphans or come from very poor families who do not have the ability to feed them regularly. Each week the Gospel is shared with the children and they are given the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus and receive prayer. They are connected with local churches and pastors who help disciple the children.

I am so grateful to God for His miraculous works! As a community in Guinea, we are filled with faith as we have seen the Lord multiply food at our village feeding programs for children who either have no parents, or their parents cannot afford to feed them. We recently read in Matthew 14:13-21 about how God multiplied the two fish and five loaves to feed 5,000 people. As a community, we wondered how God was able to do this, and then we saw for ourselves how Jesus repeated the miracle of the two fish and five loaves of bread in our own lives.

At one of our village feeding programs, we made enough food for 150 children, but while we were cooking we saw over 300 children coming to eat with us. We were worried about how we would feed 300 children when we only had food for 150. We prayed and then we saw God move! We shared the food among the 300 children and they all had enough to eat. We had so much food left over that we were able to share it with our neighbors as well!

At another feeding program, we bought three crates of juice which is normally enough for 120 children. During the discipleship portion of our program, we saw children coming from everywhere in our community and knew we did not have enough juice for all of them. To our surprise, we once again saw God miraculously increase the little we had and the juice kept multiplying while we were handing it out. The 260 children who had arrived all received juice!

We are seeing the Lord manifest beyond our expectation, and these miracles of multiplication have deepened our faith in the Lord. We have seen how He works in mysterious ways! We want to continue to live in the reality of the Lord and His supernatural ways. Daily we experience His miraculous provision as He provides for our needs. Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness!

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