The New Year At the Footprints Center

As the year drawer to an end, the Footprints children looked for various chores to do, in order to raise pocket money, which will enable them to add some cheer to someone else’s life as they celebrate Christ at Christmas time. 

Snowflakes were cut out of paper to make hanging decorations and solar fairy lights were hung from trees, reminding us all every night that there is power in the sun (Son). The tree, symbolizing creation, was decorated by all, and gave an atmosphere of expectation, love, and the joy of giving. 

On Christmas Eve, all the adults become children as we ate played, danced, sang together. We eagerly waited until the clock strikes 12, bringing the arrival of Christ’s day… Christmas!

On Christmas morning it was Jesus time. We had communion, worshiped, and celebrated together. We enjoyed being a big family until the lunch bell rang. Our children were not ‘gift focused’ so they were willing to patiently wait until much later in the day, the next day, or even the day after to open there gifts. Of course, we did not wait and they happily unwrapped their gifts with squeals of delight!

As they year came to an end and the new year starts, the awareness of Jesus in each little heart continues on strong.

As January has arrived, the dreaded word “school” has started to surface, mixed with the anticipation of projects, outreaches, music, art, and cooking classes. It's been a great month and we have 6 classrooms on the base, which have been prepared for the new year. Devotions every morning have been filled with prophetic words, visions, journaling, and worship. Our older children have written their own worship songs which is very exciting. One of our boys, Nicholas, is passionate about soccer and has been selected to go to trials for Supersport United, which is an amazing opportunity! We are praying that he makes it.

It has been a month of living the missionary life for our children, as they go out on outreach every day, giving out food, seeds, praying and ministering to impoverished communities. Ministry has no gender, age or size, our children are being trained to change lives.