Hospital Salvation

MCV South Africa Base - By Comella Nicoles

There are no normal days while on the mission field. Some days can become mundane, but that is all too rare, especially here in South Africa! You never know what each day will bring or how long the simplest of tasks may take to get accomplished. Most days have quite unusual stories, but then there are the days that are life changing and this was one of those days! 

One day we went to the hospital to visit and minister to those in need. The hospital ministry began only one and a half weeks after I came to Africa in August 2015. I often bring two or three of our MCV (Michael's Children’s Village) daughters with me. It is my greatest joy to see what is in their hearts and how they love on others. There are two places that we often go to pray in the hospital and then we see where else the Holy Spirit will lead us. We always go to the babies and ward 7 (mental illness ward and other miscellaneous cases) to be a place of safety for those who don’t have a safe place to go. 

We were in ward 7, going room to room, and praying and loving on each of the patients. Often there are between 2-7 patients in a room. On this day, I saw the most beautiful sight. One of our children had been sitting and talking with this beautiful, gogo (elderly lady), Maria. I wasn’t sure what was being said as they were speaking in Saswati. I had finished praying for others in the room, so I went over to introduce myself and see what was going on. Our daughter was sharing the Gospel with her and Maria was intently listening! I sat with them and after she shared, I asked our daughter to ask Maria if she would like to receive Jesus. Maria agreed, we prayed together and she received Jesus that day! Maria also had pain in her chest so we prayed for her and her pain went away!! 

It was a day of victory in many ways.  A celebration in heaven took place as a daughter came home to receive Jesus and we now have a new Kingdom family member. The Lord not only encountered Maria’s heart, which I believe is the most profound miracle, but He also healed her physical body. I witnessed, our daughter, stopping for the one, she sat face-to-face explaining the gospel so patiently and tenderly speaking to Maria. The very one that had once been stopped for was now pouring into others with only a love that comes from Jesus.

A victorious day indeed! 

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