Meet Nazarene!


Meet Nazarene! Nazarene is 14 years old. Both of her parents died of AIDS shortly after she was born. Her grandmother took her in and is raising her, but is elderly and unable to work. Nazarene is healthy and strong, but village life for her has been very challenging.  Before entering the Iris Village Program she would sometimes go without food and remembers times when she was forced to beg. Nazarene would like to continue her education, but has not had money for school fees. She heard about Jesus at an Iris Outreach program in her village and accepted Jesus as her Savior! She joined the local church and was selected to become a part of one of the Iris Village Programs. She has been in the program for four years and is very happy! She now receives food and materials for school and is doing very well. Her desire is to be able to help take care of her grandmother and to one day become a teacher so that she can help other children!