Introducing Iris Kenya's Village of Peace Project

Introducing Iris Kenya's Village of Peace Project


Take a quick peek into how Stop for the One is helping to fulfill the call of the Gospel in word and action in Kenya! The Village of Peace Project focuses on eliminating the educational roadblocks many children face in Kenya. Watch the video to see how this happens.

Inside the Pemba Classroom!

Stop for the One exists to glorify Jesus and express His love to the poor, broken, and forgotten. God has called us to stop for the one in front of us. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Daily we see the simple power of love transform lives. In our latest video we see how He is instilling hope and vision in the children at Escola Comunhão na Colheita. 

Children in Mozambique face a variety of hurdles which make the pursuit of an education difficult. Years of civil unrest and natural disasters have limited educational opportunities, and most children cannot afford to attend school. Of the students who do attend classes, many are under prepared as they lack proper supplies needed to be successful in the classroom. Adequate nutrition is also a concern as many children do not have enough food to maintain the necessary energy to stay focused on their work.

Through Stop for the One and our generous supporters Jesus is working to change the destiny of thousands of children in Pemba, Mozambique. The Escola Comunhão na Colheita currently teaches over 3,500 students every day. Our sponsorship provides each student with the tools and nutrition to be successful in the classroom. We are honored to be a part of what Jesus is doing in their lives.

Enjoy this powerful video to get a better glimpse into what Jesus in these precious children!

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