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Iris Kenya Village of Peace Project

100% of Sponsorship funds Go to Programs

When you give, every dollar goes directly to children’s care, education and community investments. Stop for the One is a ministry of Iris Global. Therefore, all administrative fees are covered by Iris Global, ensuring 100% of your donation goes directly to sponsorship programs and community investments. We are committed to using your donation effectively and efficiently. 

We are committed to sending funds to areas where it is needed most. Through your support, we are reaching communities and children who would receive little to no assistance otherwise. We are committed to reaching those in greatest need. 


Iris Kenya Village of Peace Project

The main focus of the Iris Kenya Village of Peace Project is to empower this village to break away from this cycle of poverty and despair by educating the children. We will set up projects that empower and encourage self-sustainability, teaching the unemployed skills, such as sewing and organic farming - skills they will be able to use at home and to earn an income.