Stop for the One exists to live out the simple Gospel of love through child sponsorship programs. We see the simple power of love in action transform the lives of children every day by providing education, food, care, and love. We believe love looks like something and our desire is to inspire and encourage people to live outside of themselves. 


Get involved

If we each stopped for someone, millions would be reached by the practical love of God every day. We all share in this simple Gospel to love the least of these.  Today is the day to take that step to get involved in the movement!


  • You can't help but smile when you see kindness and love, especially when it is displayed by children.
  • Don't forget the one next to you, the person to whom you can be Jesus' hand of compassion.
    — Heidi Baker
  • We must stop for each one, genuinely caring and demonstrating the love of Jesus with actions, not just words.
    — Heidi Baker